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Because it’s reboot time for software development

The makers of Multix II

What is Multix II?

Technical Speak: Inspired by the original Multics, our Multix II is a programmer-friendly distributed Functional OS topology. This enables post-Agile teams to introduce AI-driven LEAN software JIT composition, collaboration, live interactivity, language mixing, multi-layered coding surfaces and other advanced Dev, Test and DevOps technologies. This enables effective use of automation and improves productivity within your PLM and SDLC processes. 

Business Speak: Is your Software Development team really delivering optimal value? You need to enable them with the right tooling rather than throw more people at the problem. Your Devs don’t want to be dealing with low quality undocumented code, waste time debugging and constantly ripping out technical debt while being put under immense pressure to deliver new things with the limited time and resources they’re given. This can be solved.
Iron Man needs his suit to perform; your Developers need Multix II.

We can help with:
- Training your team on how to accelerate delivery & improve quality of your software with automation;
- Building Software & Solutions for your Business or Project using our team of software development experts.

Power your team with Multix II and watch them craft code like real rockstars!




Our HQ and R&D is out of Tallinn, Estonia.

We work with companies on-location globally.

Other cities we’re frequently in:
- New York, NY, USA
- San Francisco, CA, USA
- Sydney, NSW, Australia
- Perth, WA, Australia
- Singapore
- Chandigarh, Punjab, India
- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- Vilnius, Lithuania

- Budapest, Hungary
- Prague, Czech Republic
- Berlin, Germany
- London, England, UK

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What we offer

Effective Developer COLLABORATION

Collaboration can be tricky. Code is constantly changing in fast-paced environments. We’ve heard enough of ‘it works fine on my machine!’ and being told ‘your code is broken’ when something your code depends on was changed upstream. Multix II enables effective team collaboration. Customize it easily to work with existing tools you already have in place.

Software Development Services

Want us to show you how it’s done?
Contact us and we’ll get your project going.

Automate Code Scaling & Simplify DevOps

DevOps, NoOps and now AI Ops is at the heart of 'Digital Transformation' and Continuous Delivery / Improvement buzzword initiatives. Yet, almost 80% of the costs associated with DevOps are painful, manual-intensive work required to scale up a code-base. What you’re really trying to do is scale code. That is a hard problem. We got to the root and automated it.

Integration & Interactive Programming

How can you do Test-Driven Development (TDD) if you’re working with sometimes un/der-documented code or are still experimenting with what-if scenarios and want to know how a system will respond before you go further? This is where having an Interactive environment where you can do Goal-Driven Development working in a live runtime improves outcomes. This along with our QA & Interactive Test Automation functionality included in Multix II makes developing software and crafting code fun again.

ProfeSsional Development & Training

We offer training for teams to learn the fundamentals of applied Category Theory, Functional Programming, Homotopy Type Theory and how to design quality software for LEAN JIT composition (simply: Your business will be able to change software quicker and have more resilient code). Improve your business & software team agility with expert training.

Tech Audit, Evaluation & Consulting

Considering M&A purchase of another company with complex software systems in place and want an experienced independent assessment on the risks and opportunities from a technology standpoint? Or, looking to make the transition to enhance your business edge with technology and not sure how best to start? Our team can also lead change & integration projects.


Inability to change software quickly is a serious business risk
— wall street


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