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The Future of Software Craftsmanship

  • Ignite OÜ Rottermanni 10 Tallinn Estonia (map)

In this meetup we will cover:

  • Category Theory, Programming, Computer Science & Mathematics (intense crash course relevant to understanding the history and state of the Software Industry). You will understand what is driving the Serverless trend, why the popularity of Functional Programming is growing, what are the gaps in Operating Systems and ‘why Multix?’.

  • What is possible with Multix: Treating code as data, working within a collaborative persistent memory fabric (with collaboration & DevOps+Test automation tools in a multi-language environment), cover use-cases and examples from our experience.

  • How does the future of Software Craftsmanship look like and possible new, dynamic and rapid ways of working with software teams when powered by Multix and AI.

…the event will end with a Q&A session. These topics will be covered briefly and continued in subsequent meetups.

For more information and to register for the event, please click on the link below:

Note: Registration is required for admittance to the venue and seating is limited so please register soon!

Thanks to Ignite Software for allowing us to host this event at their office!