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Rein Gottschalk

Founder & Visionary

Rein is the Estonian-American visionary behind and Multix. With a Computer Science and Mathematics background from Carnegie-Mellon University, his career on the West Coast of the US included deep technology and R&D projects for Fortune 50 companies. His experience in industries from finance to aerospace, and delivering large-scale complex M&A system integrations, led him to rethink how software is crafted.


Erik Bhullar

CXO & Co-Founder

Erik is leading the Commercial and International Business Development for Multix. With customer relations and program management expertise gained from work in multinational corporate Financial and Technology companies, his love of delivering customer value through meaningful innovation led him into the world of startups in Estonia &


Heinar Ojala

Senior Software Developer

Heinar is an early adopter and senior full-stack developer with experience in big data, web technologies, quality assurance and managing software development teams. Obsessed with quality, he understands the ‘need for speed’ in the sense of fast cars and accelerating software development with automation. He does slow down, only for good music and beer.


Taavi Kirss

Operations Manager

Taavi oversees Operations and Project Management at With an MBA from University of Tartu, experience working at a multinational IT company and consulting to startups, he also has leadership experience in aviation ensuring mission-critical operations are managed effectively. His experience is invaluable in maintaining our team momentum.


Laura Sepalaan

Developer Community Manager

Laura looks after our developer community channels, event management and HR at Her passion is learning and fostering a culture of continuous improvement - both personal and professional. She’s always on the lookout for brilliant talent. If you’ve got Software Development, QA, Integration, Databases or DevOps experience - and you’re committed to building mastery in your craft - then contact us!