Because it's reboot time for Operating Systems



Multix Returns


Technical Speak: Inspired by the original Multics, our Multix (2.0) is a programmer-friendly distributed Functional OS topology. This enables extreme-Agile teams to introduce AI-driven LEAN software JIT composition, collaboration, live interactivity, language mixing, multi-layered coding surfaces and other advanced Dev, Test and DevOps technologies. You can now have effective use of AI-automation within your PLM & SDLC processes, significantly improving productivity. 

Business Speak: Inability to change software quickly is a serious business risk. The cost and time spent on developing software is higher than it should be because teams are dealing with 'workarounds' caused by gaps in Operating Systems (where innovation has been stagnant for a long time).
With Multix by, we've solved this leveraging deep-tech R&D in Computer Science & Mathematics. We can now enable your teams to use our AI-driven programming environment and deliver better software, faster than ever before. 
Iron Man needs his suit to perform; your Developers need Multix - because it’s reboot time for Operating Systems!